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Janine Petrovich

Janine Petrovich was born and raised in Michigan. She has lived, studied and worked in the surrounding communities her entire life. She graduated from CMU with a Bachelor of Science degree earning a Teaching Certificate. Janine also obtained two Associate degrees from MCCC. In 1997, she became a licensed Realtor. Since that time, she has held a position in the real estate industry by either selling, and/or by working administratively in the Agent Service vocation. She has received considerable experience in this industry.

Janine joined our team this year. She facilitates a role on both the Select Realty Advantage real estate side and Newmark Homes. Creating a harmonious atmosphere between office and agents is what Janine does best. Her many leadership duties include real estate licensing, board review, MLS review, IT assistance, resource liaison. She wears the hat of whatever needs to be done. Janine maintains a high standard of professionalism and culture in our office.

1. Communication Liaison
2. Recipient of Multiple Cultural Awards
3. Maintains Daily Operations

Phone number: 586-422-0123
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